Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Doors Douglasville What are the services being offered for garage door repair services in Douglasville, GA? There are a number of services that are now being offered for garage door repair services! The services that they are offering … [Read more...]

What are the Benefits of a Home Energy Audit?

Energy Audits- Douglasville, GA With spring just around the corner, the temperature is beginning to rise and homes are starting to use up more and more energy per day. With the increase in energy use, it is only wise to have a home energy audit. … [Read more...]

Fireplace Safety Tips


Fireplaces - Douglasville Douglasville, GA is located at the Southern Eastern United States. This is one of the cities that is quite known for fluctuating temperatures throughout the seasons.  But, don't let the fluctuations fool you - your home … [Read more...]

Attic Tent: Benefits that will Leave you Wanting Nothing Less

attic tent

Attic Tent - Douglasville, GA Many homeowners all over Douglasville, GA have struggled to find a solution that can offer perfect insulation around attic door openings without finding one. This struggle as seen numerous homeowners move from one … [Read more...]

The Best Garage Door Motor Replacement

garage door

Garage Door Motors - Douglasville, GA The latest technological innovations for a garage door motor replacement are available in the ReliaG 2028 1/2 HP motor from Metro Garage Doors in Douglasville, GA. The Model 2028 provides power, reliability and … [Read more...]

Fireplace Services You Can Count On


Fireplaces - Douglasville Feel like you will get numbed this coming winter season? Worry less as Metro Garage Door is committed to be your trusted fireplace partner in keeping you warm this winter season. Our systems are safe to use. We are fully … [Read more...]

Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance


Garage Doors - Douglasville The safety and protection of your life and property as one of the over 31,000 Douglasville, GA resident includes a properly maintained garage door. This is why it is important that you get the basic knowledge about how to … [Read more...]

Upgrade your home’s insulation this winter


Douglasville Insulation Insulation acts as a blockade to heat flow and its fundamental activity is to maintain your home's warmth throughout the winter and cool at some point in winter. Essentially, it provides comfort throughout the year by … [Read more...]

GoPro Contest Winner

GoPro Winner, Mary Jane Beilke, pictured with Metro Garage Owner - Derrick Thompson

Metro Garage Door GoPro Giveaway Contest Metro Garage Doors, Inc. recently held a GoPro Holiday Giveaway Contest.  We were excited to receive lots of entries for our customers and friends.  Thank you to all who participated. Below is our video … [Read more...]

Mini iPad Winner

Congratulations Mike Dutcher! … [Read more...]

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